Welcome to The Car Hub

Welcome to our online community and initiative to create a new, next-generation, not-for-profit venture to preserve the future for meaningful cars. The current draft mission, vision, and plans are below. Please help us further develop this as a member of the community. This initiative will be created through your active participation, suggestions and feedback. We appreciate your involvement in shaping what this venture becomes.

MISSION (draft): The preservation and dissemination of skills and knowledge about meaningful cars through study, education and public recognition of cars as legacy artifacts.

VISION: To create the world’s foremost, impartial and trusted source of practical and academic resources about meaningful cars. We interpret cars as an important expression of human culture. Education, research and training will globally disseminate and preserve this knowledge and legacy for everyone who wants to know about the culture and history of cars. This will be a world-class, geographically distributed, information hub for the meaningful-car community.

PARTNERS: This is a pioneering concept, needing people with new ideas, and new energy to move it forward. We seek partners who share this vision to form a strong, founding leadership core and governing team. We also intend to partner with other organizations who are doing exceptional work both in the United States and globally, and to act as a hub or connector to what others are already doing in the space.

FRAMEWORK: This new, public, not-for-profit organization will be driven by public funds, grants, sponsorship and donations and governed by an independent board of directors representing a diverse cross section of the meaningful-car community.

WHAT WE PLAN TO DO: Over time, the purpose of this organization will be to offer practical as well academic information programs to meet the meaningful-car community’s needs in the areas of: praxis (care and use); connoisseurship (value and authenticity); legacy (history and culture) and society (outreach and advocacy). We look for your help, input, and leadership in formulating potential, specific programs.
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